Apr 18, 2009

Week One

This is the street we live on with a view of that tower in the distance.

Things we love:
-1 RMB ice cream cones at Ikea (15 cents)
-warm weather
-living in what looks like a tropical resort
-tropical fruit (mangos, guavas, watermelon)
-two large flatscreen TVs, two fridges, three bathrooms

Things we don't love:
-absence of access to American TV shows
-blocked websites (youtube, hulu, any other video watching website)
-baby jetlag (worse than adult jetlag because adults can't get over jetlag in a house with a baby suffering from jetlag)


modestmuse said...

LOVE the photos. I bet it's smog, but whatever the haziness is, it's beautiful! The photos look totally Impressionistic.

About the blocked Web sites ... I will e-mail you.

Leah C said...

That picture of Stuart and Ocean asleep on the plane is too funny!! Like father like son ;)

Ryan said...

Baby jetlag--the worst of all jetlags!

Jess said...

Did you guys get the hot dog and a soft drink?? It looked like a steal.