Jul 29, 2011

First Visitors

Megan and Neil are visiting from Botswana!


You may have heard me comment on how groceries are insanely expensive. Check out the price of ice cream, regularly $14.35, now 2 for $21.85. (The currencies are almost the same value.)

Jul 28, 2011

Work Group Shots

The first picture was taken in DC during one of my training classes. The second is at a baby shower with my current co-workers.

Jul 23, 2011

Hawker Center

Everything in Singapore is expensive but dinner is cheap at these outdoor hawker centers.

Botanical Gardens

New Apartment

We will post more pictures of the apartment after we decorate a little bit.

Long trip over

It was a really really long trip over the Pacific but we made it. Our second plane was a two story aircraft with a spiral staircase.

Jul 17, 2011

Narita, Japan

We have arrived in Singapore but don't have internet so I can't update the blog yet. I have posted some pictures on Facebook.

Jul 10, 2011

More Family Time

We had a great vacation with Stuart's family our last week in the States. The last picture is a friend from Guangzhou, Melissa. Next stop: Tokyo then SINGAPORE!!!

4th at Iwa Jima


Our friends Johanna and Jon came to visit.