Mar 28, 2008


My work to school commute (7 blocks of run/walking) just got more scenic with the appearance of spring blossoms.

Mar 26, 2008


Yep. Spring break is soooo over. A paper is really due tomorrow. Why not post on the blog?

Mar 19, 2008

Spring Break

Originally I really wanted to go on a trip, but it's been nice to work and go straight home, very relaxing.

Mar 12, 2008

Blue Bag

Two things: after my last midterm I treated myself to a Starbucks Choco-Chip Smoothie (NO COFFEE). I had never bought anything at Starbucks until we visited Jon in Seattle and made daily trips, finally I tried one of the non-coffee items and now I dream about them everyday.

second: I had my eye on this H&M bag for weeks, finally when I saw there was only one left I broke down and spent the $24.99, and I LOVE it, it is so BLUE

Mar 11, 2008

Birds Nest

Crazy things happen to my hair when school gets busy. I just found the best explanation of the Foreign Service entrance process I have ever read. I wish I had discovered Sara's post long ago so I wouldn't have to explain this over and over for the past year.