Aug 29, 2007

Back to School

I set foot on campus for the first time in months, but not for class (that starts next week), I had to raid the library of books before my classmates got them.

Aug 28, 2007


My long run on Saturday was done in 100% humidity, no joke. Click here, here, here, and herefor pictures from last years marathon.

Aug 27, 2007


We walked right past the hotel that our families stayed at when we got married (in the picture)

Stuart loves pictures, can't you tell?

Metro in the morning

Aug 26, 2007


Best. Movie. Ever.

Thank you Chris for recommending the movie.


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Aug 23, 2007


You might remember when Diane visited a year ago from now. You also might remember her engagement or wedding? Now comes the baby!!!!

Aug 22, 2007

The Office

Featuring Johanna's new shorter 'do.
The view from her office to my office.
Johanna's office is like a science experiment. This is what coffee looks like when it's two weeks old.Her Monte coffee mug, evidence of her obsession.

Aug 18, 2007

Ice cream

We used the very last of the gift card Stuart's family gave me for my birthday. We managed to squeeze in 5 visits to Cold Stone. Thanks!