Aug 27, 2006

Together again

Man and Woman are meant to be together. These bathrooms at BWI make me happy.

I watched a million planes take off before it was our turn.

This is my frustration after being delayed in Laguardia Airport on the way back from Denver. Can I just say that this airport is such a mess?

Baseball game with Jake and Kelly

How did I get suckered into yet another Orioles game? This time I broke out the shirt that I have owned for the last five years (Savers find). I didn't even know where the Orioles were located until I moved here.

Aug 23, 2006

Denver 2


Thanks to a Costco within walking distance to my hotel, I was able to have my favorite ice cream and berry sunday. Denver is like Everywhere America (and exactly like Utah)

Aug 15, 2006

Why is it so easy to start a blog?

Is there anyone that doesn't have a blog? I admit, I held out for a long time....but I have overloaded so many people's inboxes with my picture sending that I concluded it will be easier if I just post them all and let people brouse on their own.