Dec 1, 2007

Videos and last pictures of the trip

I posted the last of the photos from our trip on the other blog. Here are links to videos from the trip:

- Crossing the road in Saigon
- Drinking a smoothing in a Saigon market
- Cyclo Riding
- Cyclo Riding 2
- Saigon's crazy drivers
- Temples of Angkor Wat 1
- Temples of Angkor Wat 2
- Horseback Riding
- Phu Quoc Airport
- In the ocean
- Eating lunch seaside
- View from our balcony in Saigon at night

Flying over Hong Kong


Jen and Johnny said...

Just curious~ what is that white fruit with the black little dots? It looks so interesting and I think I would love it!!! It kind of looks like an albino kiwi!! Do they sell it her in the U.S?

Brooke in Vietnam said...

It is called dragonfruit. It comes in white and dark pink (fuschia) although I didn't see any of the pink kind in Vietnam but frequently ate it in Taiwan. It has a very mild taste, and I'm sure you would like it! It does taste a little like a kiwi but not so much tart. I might have seen it in the grocery store somewhere in teh US but I'm sure it's expensive here.