Dec 4, 2007

Christmas Tree

Stuart has been begging me to take the Christmas tree off the ceiling. I think it looks interesting hanging there. We have majorly expanded our decorations this year to include this tree (and string of lights), compared with last year.

Finally I found a use for our race medals.

From Cambodia.


Jen said...

Ah, something Brooke needs for Christmas: Christmas decorations.

Johanna said...

Love the idea of the medals as ornaments but I'm gonna have to side with Stuart on the suspended tree.

Why not just get a traditional one?

Brooke said...

It is a regular tree, I just tied a string to it and hung it from a hook on the ceiling. The more I look at it, the more I like it!

Da Zhao said...

Yes I concur with Stu...a hanging Christmas tree feels a little... depressing knowing that its hanging by itself instead of standing tall on its own. Maybe if you have a really tall stick as a base for the tree would complete the scene..

Kelly said...

take the tree off the ceiling you silly! cool medal idea...I've just started throwing mine away, but maybe I'll save them for Christmas.