Jun 1, 2010

Fish Market

We waited in line for 2 hours (seriously) to eat at a famous sushi place.


Kimi said...

I am pretty sure that is the exact same restaurant we ate at. I read about it in a magazine. We only ended up waiting half an hour, but we did show up at 8 in the morning for a sushi breakfast.

It's funny to look at your pictures because you guys did pretty much everything we did, even down to the crepe eating.

Andrew wants to go back to Japan now.

Jon Chang said...

oh man, but i bet it was the best sushi in the world though right?! Good find!

JULIE said...

Was the 2-hour wait worth it?! I am drooling and thinking about the 9 months pre-Violet when I couldn't eat sushi. Jon and I need a trip to Japan asap.

Bridget Lines said...

Isn't the fish market amazing?! I went there with my mom over spring festival, and now your post is making me crave sushi! Also, do you guys have plans for the 4th of July? I'm coming down with some other Shenyangers to Hong Kong for the weekend. Will you be in HK then?