Sep 26, 2009


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Brandon or Michelle said...

so, big pictures..

I have always thought I didn't have the patience or know-how to do it, but I had a half an hour this afternoon, and I remembered this friend of mine's tutorial..

the first time I read it, it was all gobble-di-goop. but for some reason, today, it clicked. probably read it before you read the rest of this explanation.

my one exception was this: she talks about editing the "main wrapper" perimeters of the blog itself, using numbers (500 was her width) but in my blog layout html, my "main wrapper" was a percent (65%). SO I left it be, and used Allie's example of 500 for my width. my camera uploads my pictures at 2000x3008 normally, so if I wanted my width to be 500, I just changed the width to 500 (dividing my width of 2000 by 4) and my height to 752 (dividing 3008 by 4 also).

I am going to continue to experiment with big pictures, seeing if I can make it wider and more fitted within my "outer wrapper" but for that I'll just use the same ratio of 500w/752h, since I know that works. (looks like that is just 2w/3h, simplified) for portrait shots, and I suppose 3w/2h for landscape.

I definitely changed my s240 thing to s1600 too, but it was the second of the two I saw on the page. (the first already said s1600 so I left it).

so from now on I can upload a picture, click on that "edit html" change the values to some form of 2/3 or 3/2, change the s value to 1600, and voila! big pictures.

this is in a foreign language, isn't it? good luck, and know that it took me 150 times of reading allie's simple explanation before it became even remotely coherent.

you guys are the bomb! :) just thought you should be reminded..