Sep 14, 2008

First Pictures


Living Room




Jen and Johnny said...

Love the new place!!! It looks a bit bigger than your last one~ that will be nice with your little one coming!!! You look GREAT by the way!! How are you feeling?

Johanna said...

Welcome to the good life (aka, the world of luxury apartment building)

I'm so jealous you have a pool...

Ben said...

I ran into Stephan a few months back at a Hingham Ward reunion. I was friends with him and used to come over your house quite a bit. I like the new apartment, especially the floor in the living room! Congrats on getting married. Looks like you are doing great.

Ben Arkell

Da said...

Wow!!Luxury living must be nice! All the appliances and even a pool..what more can you ask for!! I am glad to see you guys live in an awesome place.