Feb 2, 2008

Feb 2

Stuart was trying to keep his face out of the shot


Johanna said...

I understand why you don't want to publish the names of the restaurants you and Stuart frequent, but man oh man, these pictures really make me want to know!

No dessert???

Brooke said...

It's a hip place in Silver Spring called "Jackie's"

Very cool decor, very small portions, food was so so. I liked taking pictures but definately not worth the price for the food you get.

Susanna said...

HI Brooke! It's funny because I kept meaning to go back and comment on your blog and say hello! I just got a little blog-hopping happy. Yep I found you from Katie's. I was SO excited when it was your blog. I love reading about all your adventures!

Erin said...


Hey its erin. I'm so sorry that I never returned your message about how to post big pictures. I have been kind of out of it.

Its kind of alot to explain...but really pretty easy, if you give me your email I can email you the instructions no problem.

Jen said...

cool navigation system, do you like it?

Brooke said...

We LOVE the GPS! I am already a map person so I take it everywhere, even if we know where we are going!