Nov 15, 2007

VIETNAM!!!! (and Cambodia!!)

And we're off! I will post as soon as we arrive (after 26.5 hours of plane travel) or find the internet. Instead of posting on this blog, I will be using the link on the right "Vietnam 2007"

Layover in Chicago. We succeeded at only bring carry-on luggage. My pink small suitcase is in view, Stuart's bag is hidden, a backpack, and my small bag. That's it!


Jen said...

Yay! How exciting. I think it's great that you're doing lots of traveling before you start having kids. It is definetly harder.
Have fun over there, be safe, and we'll check for updates.
I'm guessing you're carrying on so you can shop! Bring back lots of fun things!

Brooke in Vietnam said...

Very true, the whole plane ride I was thinking about my friend Abbey who will heading to Hong Kong next week with her one year old and three year old, by herself. Xinku ta!