Oct 21, 2007


After blogging for over a year now, I realize how life repeats itself. In the last 14 months I have blogged about Joes one, two, three times.


Jen said...

Good food, I'd go back. I'm mysteriously absent from the photos in link #3 though, bummer!
I like the brown shirt with the decoration at the top.
Did Stu buy the coat? Looks good on him.

Johanna said...

Where are you trying on clothes, H&M?

Brooke said...

Stuart did not buy the coat. It is $550. Maybe it will go on sale in a few months? The three items I tried on don't even add up to $100, but I didn't buy them this time.

How did you guess? Stuart rarely likes clothes H&M though so his picture is from Bloomingdales.