Sep 23, 2007

Weekend Ups and Downs

Bummer of the weekend, needing AAA to save us on the side of the road. Total cost = free, total time waited on side of road = three hours

Before the breakdown: Panera Bread
Did you know you can get a free ice cream at Cold Stone for your birthday?
The local high school crowd

Sunday Morning, traveling to Virginia to get a rental car (both repair shops and local car rental places are closed on Sundays)

The rental car

At church, a friend from Beijing

Ping Pong at the Tsai's.


Johanna said...

Free Coldstone on your birthday? OMG, how have I missed this? I'm a "like it" Birthday Remix girl (with rainbow jimmies and a marshmallow-for-chocolate-sauce substitute) -- what did you get?

FSO GT said...

Congrats on the Birthday! :-) Sorry to hear about the car breakdown....

deans said...

We were once stranded in the middle of Death Valley on the 6th of July. The temperature in Bever was 114 on the giant thermometer that we passed just miles previous. It only took my aunt and uncle 6 hours to come rescue us. We had no food and no water with us. Good thing I didn't get a low blood sugar! What a nightmare.