Aug 16, 2007

Saltwater sandals

I love these sandals. When I saw them on Katie's blog and then again on Jenny's I knew I had to have them. Katie was my roomate in Hawaii.


Kelly said...

Wow! I love the shoes! I just bought 3 new pair of sandals today at Sears...weird I know, but I went in looking for a wool blanket, and came out with shoes for $4! The whole store is on SUPER SALE! yippy! I'm also loving your bangs. Sometimes I think I should cut some, but then I think of running and sweating and hum... Also, I am completely not preparing for this 1/2 marathon...just to let you know :)

Brooke said...

Thanks for the compliment. You don't have to run the whole thing, maybe you could just meet me for the second half, or middle, or whatever.